Hands On Milkshape

Milkshape is a very simple yet very powerful 3D modelling package. It has been designed to help the absolute beginner create 3D models.

Its simplicity means that you can master the package in just a couple of weeks, creating anything from a box to a spaceship.

A great strength of the package is that it can import and export models in dozens of formats. You can even see your own models appear in commercial games such as The Sims3.

In Hands On Milkshape you'll learn such things as:

  • How to create basic 3D shapes
  • How to edit those shapes into much more detailed models
  • How to add texture to a model
  • How to create an animated model
  • How to use your model in DarkBASIC Pro - a games programming package

and a whole lot more.

As usual, the book is packed with activities (and their solutions) to keep you busy and re-inforce the learning experience.