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Hands On Series Ebook Sales

Cover Title Pages Purchase
Hands On AGK2 BASIC Volume 2 920 16.96GBP

Hands On AGK2 BASIC Volume 1 (for AGK2)
911 16.96GBP

Hands On AGK2 BASIC Volume 1 Upgrade.
This option is for those who have previously bought the original Hands On AGK BASIC book (for AGK1).
When ordering please enter your Purchase Order number/Reference number
for your original order. You'll see the option to give this information just below the Delivery Address on the PayPal page.
911 8.50GBP

Hands On AGK2 Tier2 118 9.60GBP

Hands On AGK BASIC (for AGK 1) 780 16.96GBP

Hands On DarkBASIC Pro (vol 1) 742 9.60GBP

Hands On DarkBASIC Pro (vol 2) 726 9.60GBP

Hands On Milkshape 338 6.00GBP

Hands On C++ (2nd Edition)   Not yet available
Hands On Tkinter for Python 3   Not yet available
Hands on PHP   Not yet available

10 Minute Maths Series Ebooks

Cover Title Pages Purchase
Cartesian Coordinates 18 0.99GBP
From Amazon
Lines and Angles 35 0.99GBP
From Amazon
Sine Cosine and Tangent 32 0.99GBP
From Amazon
  Rectangles and Triangles   Not yet available
  Understanding Numbers and Arithmetic Operators   Not yet available